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SENTEC Testing Laboratory Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified high-tech company founded in the late 90's as a technical consulting, failure analysis and analytical testing service provider helping customers to develop new and/or to improve quality and increase reliability of their products.

Our staff has extensive industrial and R&D experience combined with in-depth knowledge of properties and behavior of traditional,as well as nanomaterials used in the electronic, automotive, aerospace, telecommunication and other industries.

As all members of our team had spent many years working for large North American as well as International corporations, they have thorough understanding of various manufacturing processes, as well as the potential problems and failure modes associated with them. It allows for a quick and efficient way of identification of the root cause of the failure and formulating corrective and preventive actions.

What Makes Us Different

  • We can solve a vast variety of manufacturing problems
  • We provide the best quality professional service
  • We offer very competitive prices and if you find a better price we’ll beat it by 10%
  • We provide fast turn-around time – in many cases just a few business days
  • We provide free of charge consulting to our loyal customer

Since its inception, SENTEC has been extensively engaged in the transition to environmentally (like RoHS) compliant products and processes, helping our customers to successfully manage the manufacturing, and supply chain concerns. We can help to save your money in and after the transition, by resolving the issues that would compromise product integrity. SENTEC's solution will also assure that your product is reliable and your Total Cost of Quality is minimized.

Our Quality Policy Statement

SENTEC Testing Laboratory Inc. provides technical consulting, failure analysis and analytical testing services for customers to help develop new and/or improve quality and reliability of their products through qualification of their manufacturing processes and supplied parts/components as well as identification of root causes of failures and formulating corrective and preventive actions. This is achieved through identification of properties and behavior of materials used in the various industries. SENTEC is committed to continually improving their processes through identification of opportunities identified through the internal audit, management review and customer satisfaction processes. SENTEC will meet or exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

SENTEC has what it takes to get down to the root cause of a problem. We use Science+ENgineering+TEChnology in our business and strongly believe it is the right combination for success. end-quote

- Vladimir Igoshev
Sentec Testing Laboratory Inc.

We have been very happy with the services provided by Sentec. There is excellent knowledge depth for the metallurgical problems associated with electronics manufacturing.end-quote

- Bev Christian, Ph.D

SENTEC Testing Laboratory Inc.
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