Case Histories

Case Histories. Case Histories. Case Histories.
On the following pages you will find some examples of the problems we helped our loyal customers to solve. They are grouped according to their relevance to a typical issue and represent just a tiny fraction of all the cases SENTEC has resolved. We are and will be adding new examples, so please come back often.


  • Residue on the Assembly
  • Solderability Issues
  • Brittle Fracture and Black Pad
  • Opens, Shorts, Leakage
  • Board or Component Plating Issues

Process Qualification/Verification

  • Pb-free Assembly
  • Mixed technology
  • Clean or No-Clean Process
  • SMT or Wave Soldering
  • Hand Soldering and Re-work

Failure Analysis

  • Assembly Field Failures
  • Material Related Failures
  • Process Related Failures
  • handling Related Failures
  • Environmental Failures

New Vendor/Component Qualification

  • Printed Wire Boards
  • Components
  • Materials
  • Plating Integrity
  • Assembly


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